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Mariette Richardson

“Speakers are made, not born" - to speak publicly is partially a talent but more so a skill that can be acquired and nurtured to make anyone a memorable speaker. - Yahoo Finance

"She Speaks Like A Leader" empowers women to take pride in their voice, their position, and their identity in the workplace. - Business Insider

Public speaking is not a hobby
It is the foundation of success.

You work hard at growing your business, assure your next promotion, sign that winning deal but something is holding you back. Could public speaking be the barrier?

You can change that.

Remember, Speakers are Made, not Born.

The SpeakUp Accelerator Program

Our program enables you to master the skill of speaking confidently face-to-face and on camera.

Develop your ability to speak up and be counted.

Learn how to be grounded, speak up naturally and woo your audience in such a way that they’ll tweet: “Watch this!”

“Mariette helped me to transform the way I engage with my audience and most importantly, how to speak up with confidence, relax and be myself. I’ve learned how to grab the audience's attention from the very start and how to structure content in such a way that my message has true impact.”
Ashley Berry
Trainee Yacht Skipper

How Important is Trust and Respect

Open your inbox and you are bombarded with people who are trying to sell you something, from Free Webinars to Black Friday Offers – you are constantly asked to sign up for something. But who wins your business in the end?

Certainly not the person who shouts the loudest, nor the one who perseveres and sends you endless marketing mails until you finally unsubscribe. No, the one who attracts your attention is the authentic Speaker – the one you can trust.

Prof Amy Cuddy in her book, Presence, says that when we meet a person for the first time, we subconsciously ask ourselves, can I trust this person, can I respect him?

I will show you how to gain that instant trust and respect.

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What would you give to be a speaker whose audience will always remember how you made them feel?

The SpeakUp Accelerator program guarantees that your voice will resonate in the auditorium, the boardroom and on-line… establishing your credibility and trust.

But hold fire. When you’re up on stage or presenting to the Board of Directors, the way you show up, says it all. You have one chance to make a first impression – that is why it’s referred to as the ‘First Impression’. If you come back and try again, that is already your second impression. I’ll coach you on the way to sit or stand, and the professional manner in which to deliver a presentation.

Plus – and this is really important – how to compile content and how to rehearse. From brushing your teeth, carrying out your breathing exercises, right down to what you eat or drink before you step into your speaking area.

If you struggle with self-doubt, a low level of confidence and the inability to speak fluently and articulately… don’t worry. After I’ve coached you, the fear of public speaking (glossophobia) will be transformed into glossodunamis – tongue power.

Authority when speaking

1) You’ll be brimful of confidence and authority when speaking to virtual and live audiences. Somebody who doesn’t just walk onto a stage but strides on, and gets everyone to sit up in their seats and take in every word you say.

Never be afraid

4) You’ll never be afraid to rock the boat, but have the credence to speak your own mind and with the conviction of someone that is in tune with their audience and whose voice spells out the message: Listen and learn, because I know what I’m talking about.

The presence

2) You’ll have the presence and persona to immediately connect with your audience by letting them see the true you, so that they can share your passion and optimism - and get on board with you from the word go.

Be empowered

5) You’ll be empowered with the mindset, skillset and full-on confidence to walk into any boardroom, conversation, or stage and be able to speak up with assurance, conviction and dynamism that will bowl them over!

Unlock your authentic

3) You’ll learn how to unlock your authentic presentation style for online and face-to-face success. You’ll explore how to apply non-verbal communication like walking, gesturing, making eye-contact, using props i.e., a water bottle and cue card as well as the power of non-verbal cues like personal styling and accessories to interact positively and memorably with your audience.

I will be with you all the way.

You Deserve to be that Highly Paid International Speaker you’ve always wanted to be.

The SpeakUp Accelerator covers all aspects of what transforms a good speaker into a highly skilled communicator.

You will learn how to…

• Galvanise the ‘poem’ inside of you
• Not only speak… but to entertain
• Make a first impression in only three seconds
• To be animated and emotive
• Make stage fright your friend – not your enemy
• Make an interruption work for you
• Play to your audience
• Talk with your body
• Make confidence grow from your shoes
• Connect with your audience …and stay connected
• Use presentation aids to your advantage
• Make the microphone work for you and not against you
• Turn ‘striking a blank’ into a definitive moment
• Compile the winning speech
• Rehearse effectively
• Create a masterful beginning and ending
• Own your speaking area
• Use your hands to strengthen your message and not contradict it
• Access your built-in microphone and never again hear: “Speak up, we can’t hear you!”

You owe it to yourself – invest in your communication skills today

Here’s How The SpeakUp Accelerator Works

You can sign up for 8 weeks of private coaching with me personally.

The course offers you:

  • A weekly one-to-one 60 minute session
  • Free access to SpeakersForum – a bi-weekly platform of only 8 participants to practice your speaking skills over a period of 6 months
  • Signed copy of my book “Free the Hidden Speaker Inside – How your Voice can Make you Money and give you the Life you Desire”.

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Olalla Couceiro Somoza
"I used to consider public speaking as something to try to avoid but I now actually start to enjoy it thanks to the sessions I had with Mariette during the last 6 months.
​Mariette helped me to transform the way I engage with my audience and the most important, how to feel more confident and relaxed so I can get a better outcome, catch the audience's attention more from the start, structure in a more appropriate way the message I want to share and not to change my style but to focus it in the right direction.
​I cannot recommend Mariette highly enough to those people who are looking for ways to improve their presentation skills or simply start enjoying public speaking!"
Senior Quality & Compliance Professional - MSc Civil Engineer & MBA ___________________________________________________________
Dea Mijakovac Operational Performance Consultant
I had the privilege of having Mariette as my speaking coach for one of the conferences recently. It was fantastic to work with her. She is not only a top-notch expert but also very a heartwarming and motivational person. Mariette helped me tremendously to overcome some of my challenges, and provided that key support in delivering the speech. I am still amazed by her effective way of teaching and the difference she made with me in such a short time. I can only be thankful that a person like Mariette exists and I would highly recommend her for any speaking skills development you may need.
Mariette Richardson
With her extensive experience as a highly successful performance coach, Mariette knows what it takes to give people the confidence and ability to deliver a memorable public address. To any speechmaker, their voice is the most important tool they will use, and she has all the skills and expertise to develop and hone it into your most influential and convincing communication weapon. She also recognises the importance of a presenter’s grooming, body language and the ability to connect positively with their audience to become a prominent influencer. Mariette’s book, ‘Free the Hidden Speaker Inside - How your voice can make you money and give you the life you desire,’ was published in November 2020.
Mariette Richardson
Performance coaching
“I was immensely proud to be shortlisted in the Short Business Book Category for the 2021 Business Book Awards (UK). It’s aimed at everyone who has to speak or present in public, and challenges them to confront and eradicate their uncertainties and become international acclaimed speakers. I was compelled to write this book because I encounter the debilitating effect of the angst of public speaking on a daily basis when coaching clients - and I believe that everyone deserves a chance to overcome this fear and to advance in their career or business.”
2021 Business Book Awards
Short Business Book